NNTPChan faq

Question: What is nntpchan?
NNTPCchan is a federated imageboard that spans across several networks including tor, i2p and anonet. There are no central servers so that as long as 1 server is left the forum will continue to function.

Question: How is this different from *chan?
NNTPChan is by design invulnerable to global censorship. All moderation is local to each server.

Question: How does moderation work then?
Moderation is done with our special tripcodes (ed25519-sha512 signed posts). Anyone can give moderation suggestions, but that doesn't mean anyone will accept them. Those who trust the actions of a moderator can have their frontend whitelist the moderation actions and have them performed without oversight by another moderator.

Question: How can I remove content from nntpchan completely?
‾\(._.)/‾ I don't know. You probably can't unless every server agrees to remove the content, even then, nothing prevents someone from reposting it. You can't delete what you post on the internet.

Question: Do you allow child porn?
No, fuck off and die in a fire. All infringing posts are nuked.

Question: Do you allow XYZ content?
If it violates USA Law or causes problems with my host, no. Otherwise, probably.

Question: Someone posted something I don't like but it's not illegal
That is not my problem. All posts on this site are the responsibility of the individual poster and not the administration of this server

Question: I found a bug or I have a feature request where do I go?