Most of the rest of the wild west.
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Porno junkie turkish Tue Jul 18 21:54:23 2017 f991582491d9e9adfa

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None Anonymous Fri Jul 21 00:49:57 2017 c4295156cb976940b1

>>aacfe5e855b84d17cd nothing about traps or trans makes them inherently gay and thus not fags
None Anonymous Fri Jul 21 00:51:37 2017 7c9c4754bdbf0b2358

>>c4295156cb976940b1 men in a dress == fag sucks dick == degenerate both are degenerage and faggy af litterally mcnigger yourself up the ass with a rusty steak knife
None Anonymous Fri Jul 21 01:30:46 2017 264d98e5f144849603

both you incorrect: fag = faggot: weak person Cross dresser: person that dresses themselves in attire geared toward the opposite (((gender))). Androgynous: Someone that biologically looks passable of either sex but DNA and genitalia usually answers their true sex. trap: contraption to ensnare prey. Passable [fe[male]boy,girl] biological person that looks very mush like their opposite sex, or enough to convince they are their opposite sex. Homosexual: person that prefers the biological sex of th ... [Post Truncated]
None Anonymous Fri Jul 21 01:45:15 2017 d3dd4fc27840517834

>degenerate means asexual fucking hell the world needs to burn
None Anonymous Fri Jul 21 02:48:18 2017 48310263eb3f773a40

To be asexual is degenerate, yes. You have to procreate, unless you have perfected artificial insemination or wombs. The purpose is to procreate and diversify the DNA for future generations (generate). Or did you think sitting 24/7 on your computer generates more species?

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domaino draino Thu Jul 20 14:07:43 2017 de191f0ad16713d9c6

How do you buy domain names with cool tld's (.io, .at) without being resident in country?
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None Anonymous Thu Jul 20 23:38:29 2017 bedf4ff3639c7fa1d1

then register a domain. e.g. njalladnspotetti.onion >Blog | | @njal_la ^XMPP
None Anonymous Fri Jul 21 00:22:51 2017 be73d1559ad33a0ce5

multiple services exist to help you with that by using them as a proxy, using their local presence in lieu of you having one. the problem is that if the registrar or country requires you to be there then technically whatever third party you use owns the domain, not you
None Anonymous Fri Jul 21 01:40:38 2017 495ffafe18fb90d561

Yeah, but those services are not anonymous. You have to collateral your name or a mail address, why I linked >>bedf4ff363 wherein they only require an email or XMPP address.
None Anonymous Fri Jul 21 01:53:52 2017 abba820f579738f5be

if there was an anonymous domain registrar then the spam problem on the internet would be 1000x worse than it is now
None Anonymous Fri Jul 21 02:39:49 2017 22cbd02b03ccf2ab8e

>what is .onion >what is .b32.i2p centralization is a problem tbph fam

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nntpchan/srnd development general thread dating 2017-01-29 Anonymous Sun Jan 29 13:13:04 2017 b4fbf063b78fca751e

Put all the nntpchan/srnd dev talk in this thread unless it has its own thread. Go!
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None Anonymous Mon Jul 10 18:46:47 2017 da7e828b627ad6f551

neat is taco going to get it? also, def. for your CSS it should use another color
None Anonymous Mon Jul 10 18:53:04 2017 9ef8c67cd2b15fc708

>>da7e828b627ad6f551 what do you mean? taco is the name of the physical hardware that runs all my dedicated hosting shit.
sage Anonymous Mon Jul 10 20:34:41 2017 bb86f66ea6f63bce4b

None Anonymous Fri Jul 21 01:58:55 2017 cebf798494803926d6

the container running oniichan will reboot into stretch soon
None Anonymous Fri Jul 21 02:38:45 2017 dc76106f912a7709b6


Posted on overchan.moderation
My moderation decision/perspective mgs Fri Dec 30 11:09:41 2016 616c2f6ceb72df0e17

Like the subject says, I will update in this thread on decisions I made on ctl with briefs/explanations. Anyone is actually welcomed to comment, discuss, and opinionate here, but not spam. If anyone uses this very thread to spam, I will delete, the node owners will see it, and I will reply it here exactly saying so. Iow: please critique.
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None Anonymous Fri Jul 21 01:29:23 2017 bb1a94611faddb7983

>>2dfed42e43bf9c8bce kk i'll force sync everything and see what happens
None Anonymous Fri Jul 21 01:42:08 2017 ba9c7de673a2d8ed2d

according to the db it rolled over so idk lol looks like a bug
None Anonymous Fri Jul 21 01:44:01 2017 cd890f88333016b879

yeih! new bug to investigate! Did it had to do with the max limit or anti-bump features? actually what was your max posts per thread limit?
None Anonymous Fri Jul 21 01:47:20 2017 aea49468ab322cd32e

>>cd890f88333016b879 i legit have no idea
None Anonymous Fri Jul 21 01:47:57 2017 76326cbee46d8acfbd

i have had a suspicion this was happening i just never got any proof until now lol

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hack ReyHelado Wed Oct 8 03:11:01 2014 1a8ab66850fbf6a243

Hi! .. Hola hablo español, espero encontrar a alguien que me entienda, bueno. busco hack de forsaken ? o entrar mas y mas alfondo de esta red misteriosa
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None Anonymous Tue May 16 15:45:22 2017 78e9001c6fc5ec4eb9

alquien que pase buenos link para seguir explorando please
None Anonymous Tue May 16 20:12:57 2017 f44a6c84e00e6697f6

Aqui Amigo! Nos hemos comprometido a garantizar el acceso de todos los Martianses al Deepweb, incluyendo a aquellas personas que viven en las zonas rurales. dtt6tdtgroj63iud.onion
Juegos anonymus22 Sun Jun 4 14:44:07 2017 afaabf723c606540a5

de que trata esta pagina
asdfa wefasd Sat Jun 10 21:45:43 2017 9170231558c868c8b1

HACK/SPY DALE Fri Jul 21 01:45:56 2017 4d092b3acef4e618cd

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flavors Anonymous Thu Jul 20 14:26:30 2017 e325c26180d1599360

Does overchan smell better in onionland or i2p?
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None Anonymous Thu Jul 20 23:35:08 2017 8aa3d8b141c1cb4b6e

>>737437a88c this. Freenet extension when?
None Anonymous Fri Jul 21 00:31:15 2017 f9425cba63eb733a84

freenet is read only at this point insertion is slower than congress
None Anonymous Fri Jul 21 00:36:56 2017 3aa045f8557608105e

>>f9425cba63eb733a84 thats just like, your node, dude. works on my machine
None Anonymous Fri Jul 21 00:40:04 2017 1f78c6e03e21821b2b

>>3aa045f8557608105e nah bro i host a node that downloads at 500KBps and uploads at 500Bps
None Anonymous Fri Jul 21 01:38:34 2017 a6ec21dc0b2a2abde0

agreed, it was mostly a joke. last time I tried to upload a 256kb .jpeg took 30~ minutes. Never doing that again.

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dead from the inside bubby2 Fri Jul 21 00:18:19 2017 6940c8b89dc5f9fa2f

i feel very dead inside my life is very depressing is there any thing i could to other then jack off to gore all day to cheer me up
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None Anonymous Fri Jul 21 00:27:44 2017 b6e3a52ec80ade641c

what i do is watch anime and pretend that these cute 2d girls would ever talk to me
everyone below this post is homo Anonymous Fri Jul 21 00:41:30 2017 99f6b1b77b63285e6b

no homo ------ begin homo line ------
------ end homo line ------ Anonymous Fri Jul 21 01:35:27 2017 64a35483d41177b352

------ begin hetero line ------ Exercise, find a partner, procreate, and protect that's more important than the internet, tpbh fam

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lol lol Fri Jul 21 00:11:35 2017 a7e79940890f2c0948

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None Anonymous Fri Jul 21 00:42:51 2017 39b5c4a1751b44dd7a

the jews did this tbh fam

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A Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace Lain Iwakura Wed Jul 19 19:32:40 2017 b2a0015f6f47957ee5

Governments of the Industrial World, you weary giants of flesh and steel, I come from Cyberspace, the new home of Mind. On behalf of the future, I ask you of the past to leave us alone. You are not welcome among us. You have no sovereignty where we gather. We have no elected government, nor are we likely to have one, so I address you with no greater authority than that with which liberty itself always speaks. I declare the global social space we are building to be naturally independent of the t ... [Post Truncated]
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None Anonymous Fri Jul 21 00:34:15 2017 f746be41dea462fd7d

this is my favorite pasta now >We are forming our own Social Contract. that means the jews one fam. that aint you, thats them, governing you
None Anonymous Fri Jul 21 00:36:57 2017 0afd3cd2f65402dc74

>>f746be41dea462fd7d This shit reminds me of those sovereign citizens traveling via land boats citing maritime law to evade paying taxes.
None Anonymous Fri Jul 21 00:37:08 2017 5c2fb79f7627f720a8


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Hitman Anonymous Tue Jul 7 17:27:55 2015 a418ccfafe1a21d871

I am a successful psychopath living in North America. I kill people for pleasure and fun. I have love for no one except for myself. If you need someone killed please feel free to leave your contact. I would do pretty much anything for a good amount of money.
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None Anonymous Sat Jul 8 08:22:58 2017 8b47070e2bc5f916d5

Jesus approves of this thread!
None Anonymous Sat Jul 8 14:48:30 2017 12e4360470d9d648e0

>>f3835f9cfe2c583727 >>e650356284da95a46c
ftufjgfvgju kgigfyg Mon Jul 17 01:27:45 2017 550d3f15e3965ed18d

Pedo PLS Thu Jul 20 16:39:04 2017 a98e944914b5f8835b

Hey i hate pedos and i want that you kill one for me and PLS send me pictures.
None Anonymous Fri Jul 21 00:20:11 2017 99480ae745ab470585

>>a98e944914b5f8835b i dont know about killing pedophiles but i just killed a little girl while i was fucking her, damn it felt good. edgy retard pedokillers eternally BTFO like the pieces of subhuman shit they are